Toh Zinda Ho Tum

Update: 08/09/2015
I watched a Bollywood movie last night for fun and to relive memories.
There was this beautiful poem in it that I needed to share:

“Toh Zinda Ho Tum”

If you’re carrying your restlessness in your heart
You are alive
If you’re carrying the lightning of dreams in your eyes
You are alive
Like a gust of wind, learn to live free
Learn to flow like the waves that make a sea
Let your arms be wide open to every moment you meet
May every moment gift you a new sight to greet
If you’re carrying your wonder in your eyes
You are alive
If you’re carrying your restlessnes in your heart
You are alive

This poem perfectly captures the biggest lesson I learned while in India: to enjoy every moment, to never stop wandering and wondering, to live. Carry a restlessness in your heart, and you will make the most of your life.

To the travelers that fear traveling somewhere, don’t let that fear stop you. Traveling, especially to places that are completely unfamiliar, enlightens the soul and brings new ideas and people into your life. Don’t be afraid. You’ll come out of it all a bigger and better person.

Keep the restlessness in your heart, and you will live your life to the fullest.

That, I can guarantee.

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About Morgan Fitzgerald

Morgan Fitzgerald is a freshman planning to double major in International Studies and Environmental Science in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Morgan is passionate about exploring the tension between economic development and environmental sustainability, particularly in the realm of sustainable farming. Morgan will be spending five weeks volunteering with Navdanya located outside of Dehradun near Bharpur. Navdanya promotes biodiversity conservation, organic farming, the rights of farmers and the process of seed saving. Morgan will spend her days sowing seeds, cooking food and strengthening camaraderie with other local volunteers on the farm. She will also have the opportunity to explore the administrative side of Navdanya. Morgan’s research will focus on Nadanya as an organization and will consider how it goes about fulfilling its mission, the extent to which it is successful and other strategies it may employ.

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