Leaving, but Not Good-Bye


Today was the day I left Navdanya. I was so incredibly NOT ready. At all. I spent most of the day packing and writing letters to everyone on the farm. I also had to go pick up clothes from the tailor and — surprise, surprise — they weren’t finished. This is common for tailors in the villages. He found my fabric that I had given him a week ago, saw how unfinished it was, and said, “Come back tomorrow.” Unfortunately, my train left that night so I couldn’t. I had to take my fabric and leave. Emily and Leo had come with me, Leo deciding to miss his beloved Twister time in order to come with me to get clothes. Grabbing my fabric and leaving, we picked up some mango lassis and ladoos as well, reveling in my final hour of the village.


Bad quality photo, good lassi, GREAT people (Pictured: me, Leo, Emily)

As I had come looking to discover a bit more about myself and specifically about my future, I realized something: although I thought I would be going into Environmental Sciences, where my passion truly lay is how the food effected my body. The conservation of seeds and the farming was something totally new and exciting, but I had the most questions about what health benefits the different foods had, about the difference between organics and non-organics when it came to my body, ect. Maybe Environmental Sciences wasn’t the field I should go into, but perhaps Nutrition (hopefully paired with International Affairs) is the way to go…

I came back and hand to collect my wet (but clean!!) clothes. After, I delivered all of the messages to everyone on the farm. For whatever reason, I almost started bawling when I gave Christina and Aconcha theirs. It really hit me I was leaving then, and Aconcha was one of the people that I especially felt I didn’t get to know as well as I had hoped due to limited time. Going back to my room to grab my things, I ran into Richa and Annu, basically my motherly figures during my stay here, and, therefore, was especially difficult to say goodbye to them. Basically, I started bawling again.

It was real. I was leaving. And I really didn’t want to.

One last look at the Gazebo... This is where I spent my mornings meditating, my afternoons playing games, and my nights watching the sunset.

One last look at the Gazebo… This is where I spent my mornings meditating, my afternoons playing games, and my nights watching the sunset.

As I loaded on all of my bags on, ready to go to the city, Leo, Aconcha, Christina, and Borris decided to tag along with me.

“We’re going there anyway. We might as well come with you, no?” Aconcha said. She also demanded to sit next to me on the bus, saying how we definitely didn’t get enough time together and how she wanted to know everything about me in these final thirty minutes. We talked about our pasts, our presents, and our hopes for the futures — an incredibly deep conversation crammed into thirty minutes!

Leo, not wanting to part yet, decided to help me find where I had to go to get on the train. We got ice cream (Fig and Honey, by far the best ice cream flavor I’ve ever had) and reminisced. Leo was definitely my best friend on the farm, and it was going to be so weird to leave him.

Telling him about how sad I was to leave, he questioned why.

“Why be sad? Yeah, you’re leaving, but you’re off to your next great adventure!” He continued to explain that whenever he leaves, he just looks forward, appreciating the past yet also looking with excitement to the adventures to come. Liking that outlook, I wiped the tears leaking from my eyes and talked about the adventures to come: Ariana and I traveling for a week through India, visiting my friend in Italy, and who knows what else to come.

Walking me to the train station, we shared the biggest hug, did our awesome handshake, and I stepped onto the train.


We covered our sadness with silly faces!

Navdanya was amazing, and now I am off to my next amazing adventure.

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About Morgan Fitzgerald

Morgan Fitzgerald is a freshman planning to double major in International Studies and Environmental Science in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Morgan is passionate about exploring the tension between economic development and environmental sustainability, particularly in the realm of sustainable farming. Morgan will be spending five weeks volunteering with Navdanya located outside of Dehradun near Bharpur. Navdanya promotes biodiversity conservation, organic farming, the rights of farmers and the process of seed saving. Morgan will spend her days sowing seeds, cooking food and strengthening camaraderie with other local volunteers on the farm. She will also have the opportunity to explore the administrative side of Navdanya. Morgan’s research will focus on Nadanya as an organization and will consider how it goes about fulfilling its mission, the extent to which it is successful and other strategies it may employ.

2 thoughts on “Leaving, but Not Good-Bye

  1. Safe travels, Morgan! It’s been fun reading about your wonderful summer in South Asia. On to your next adventure. Check in once you get home and settled – would love to hear more details.
    Warmest wishes,

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