One more week!

This week went by so quickly! I am approaching the end of my internship and I am wrapping up my work. On Thursday I finished my last interview. We were looking for a woman who did the Entrepreneurship training but after looking for her twice with no luck we decided to make our last interview part of my baseline. I am not sure how we ended up interviewing this woman but she was very sweet. After the interview she showed us the bangles that she sells and insisted on giving us some. She mentioned how she and her sister had learned sewing in another training in the anganwadi (before Setco). Her sister showed us some of the work she had done and it was absolutely beautiful. It was very sad because she had what appeared to be early ALS and she could no longer do the work that she was so good at.

Since I finished my interviews I have been in the office analyzing my data on SPSS and writing my report. I am now finished with my draft so today I will start working on my presentation. I know that it will go well but I am super nervous to have to present my findings. A lot of things came up not statistically significant and I am convinced it is because of my small sample size. I still found some significant results to report but not as much as I thought. When studying empowerment of the women, my baseline ended up having higher scores than those who underwent a skills or entrepreneurship training. I cannot say for a fact that this is because the trainings really don’t increase a woman’s decision making and financial autonomy or because the data points are skewed because I only interviewed 9 women for my baseline. It is impossible to be sure.

         Tuesday was our day off so we went to see my first Bollywood movie. Even though I don’t understand Hindi, with the actors speaking random phrases in English and the easy plot to follow I found myself actually understanding what was going on! I do have to admit that a three hour movie with an intermission is a bit long for me.
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About Ariana Paredes-Vincent

Ariana Paredes-Vincent is a Junior majoring in International Studies in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Ariana is interested in pursuing a career working in NGO settings and international development. Ariana is half-Peruvian and has volunteered with a variety of NGOs in Peru and cofounded Project Opportunity, an organization that supports youth transitioning out of institutionalized care.

1 thought on “One more week!

  1. Hi, Ariana! I cannot believe your internship is coming to an end. I am so proud of all of the work you have done – and in such a short amount of time. Research does not always turn out in the ways that we expect, but you are still doing valuable work! You have created a framework that SETCO can continue to build upon. I hope you enjoy your remaining time at SETCO!


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